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The Agricultural industry GOLE GANDOM DASHT KAVIR company, was stablished with aim of entering food market in 2014.Yazd special economic zone in Iran is where we begin our first factory. Group of educated young innovators gather to start the company and after researching the market with focus on data of country and region market , we decided to produce an international food with consideration of nutritional value, time management, economical fact and taste of people ,were factors which drive us to start with production of instant noodles. Moreover from company beginnings, we introduce SEVENTEEN * as brand title for our products. 

SEVENTEEN * produces instant noodles with five different flavors. The seasoning and spices used in several flavor are the finest and our wheat flour comes from local Iranian farmers.

Our Mission

Sustainable production cycle
Healthy food in society
Reduced cooking time
Feeding of families
Green branding with the introduction of SEVENTEEN
Continuous optimal customer service

Our Vision

Enhanced product quality
Develop new products within the FMCG
Laisse with international stakeholders
Enriched SEVENTEEN brand


Quality Control QR

Controlling and monitoring the laboratory starts from arriving raw material until final products Section is produce and quality check performed at each stage within the factory . Stakeholders can be sure that at each stage it is safe and under control in the Plant.


Research & Development R&D

Innovative R & D within our facility ensures our produce is of optimal quality to ensure the taste of products is satisfying. In all sectors from production base in the factory, marketing, sales and other departments our R & D team is acting.


International standards 

We can announce we comply with international standards, having ISO 22000 and HACCP also HALAL logo and Iranian national standards.


Instant noodles count as one of most famous international foods globally hence the huge potential market this is for our company Factors such as people time limitation, demand of tasty meal, importance of nutritional value and economic factors are the one of the aim reasons we targeting most of the nations in middle east as our desire market. Instant noodles are favorite daily meal of people in any age and gender, by referring to these facts SEVENTEEN noodles design is to try attract various customers Gole Gandom Dasht Kavir is programmed to export products with same brand (SEVENTEEN ) in out of the country and ensure international partners will be satisfied


SEVENTEEN noodles has various advertising methods including, live sampling in Mall/Food Outlets, Social Media and also on TV commercial. Our strong advertising techniques illustrate the fact the business is ready to collaborate through offering our partners in new market to experience.

Unit 414, 4th Floor, Emperatur Paytakht Complex, Qazvin St., Qazvin Sq., Tehran, IRAN

Telephone: +9821 5541 4112  ,  +9821 5541 4113